News: Sequeljuice, Sequeljuice, Sequeljuice

David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, partners in KatzSmith Productions, have recently signed a deal with Warner Brothers to give WB the right of first refusal to movies produced under their company. One of the upshots of this is a sequel to the 1988 Tim Burton film, Beetlejuice.

Now, it’s been sufficiently long since I’ve seen Beetlejuice that my memories of it have gotten pretty fuzzy and I’ve put it on my list of movies to see as if it were one I hadn’t seen yet. In fact, for a while (i.e., until IMDb came around and gave me a way to look such things up), I was under the mistaken impression that it had a sequel, and a fairly mediocre one at that. As it turned out, what I was remembering was the (actually earlier) Disney TV movie Mr. Boogedy and its sequel Bride of Boogedy, which aired in 1986 and 1987, respectively. So, with my memories somewhat straightened out, the question becomes, “Does Beetlejuice warrant a sequel?” Now, while the original told a complete story, and one assumes the family in it is squared away, there’s probably nothing stopping Betelgeuse himself from having another adventure, and Michael Keaton’s probably not too busy to reprise his role. And they do say it’s a sequel, not a remake (though’s article does say “the intention is to reboot it by advancing the storyline of the original” which is a nice little bit of syntactic gibberish.)

But ultimately I question whether we actually need a sequel to Beetlejuice, especially one that, as with so many sequels lately, is more than 20 years after-the-fact. People may be 20 years past caring at this point.

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4 Responses to News: Sequeljuice, Sequeljuice, Sequeljuice

  1. I…. blah.

    Yeah, I saw this. But I’ve been railing so much over sequels and remakes to classics that I just kind of… surrendered on this one? I mean, I like Beetlejuice, but I’m not going to FLIP OUT like I did over Blade Runner or Say Anything.

    Regardless. I anxiously await the day when Hollywood returns to mainly doing original ideas.

    • morganrlewis says:

      Yeah, it’s not an automatic travesty if they do a sequel to Beetlejuice. It just seems kind of pointless, and I wish Hollywood would realize that they can honor past efforts without directly revisiting them. Want to do a movie that feels like something out of the 80s? Do a new movie in that style, don’t re-hash an old one. Or just completely do your own thing and try to start a new kind of classic. But no, I’m not really ticked off about this, just sort of bemused. That, and I couldn’t resist the punny title.

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