Preview Pic: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

The Dark Knight Rises, the third and final movie in Christopher Nolan’s take on Batman, is currently under production, and new pictures have surfaced of the actors. Most notably, we finally know what Anne Hathaway’s complete Catwoman costume will look like. There are several pictures out there, but I’m just going to select one, as honestly, the rest are redundant.

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

This is just an on-set picture, not a still from the film, of course. But I think this gives a good idea of how well it will work in the final film. It’s a simple design, with a basic mask and the cat ears up top; nothing ornate, and nothing like the Frankensteinian look Michelle Pfeiffer’s costume bore in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns. It’s actually fairly reminiscent of the costumes worn by Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt in the Adam West-led TV series, and by Lee Meriwether in the movie spin-off. Simple, classy, and elegant, while getting the theme across. Just like a cat burglar’s outfit ought to be. So far, so good for the third movie.

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4 Responses to Preview Pic: Anne Hathaway as Catwoman

  1. I think she looks hot.

    That’s what I’m here for. To contribute educated anaylsis like that.


  2. Castor says:

    Never really thought much of Anne Hathaway but yea the costume looks good. Not too over-the-top so it doesn’t stand out too much in Nolan’s universe.

    • I have to admit I haven’t actually seen Anne Hathaway act in anything, so I don’t know how good of an actress she is. I’m hoping she’s at least competent under a good director such as Nolan.

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