News: Simpsons Safe

After last week’s rumor that The Simpsons may not get renewed due to contract disputes, MSNBC reports that negotiations have been concluded successfully, and the show will continue for a 24th and 25th season. Reportedly, the voice actors are taking a 30% pay cut.

Personally, I’m surprised they were willing to take that big of a cut, but I guess they feel that it’s still a pretty good wage for them. Though I have to say that if the show continues past season 25, I’ll be surprised and just a little disgusted. It’s time, past time, to let it go out with some dignity.

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2 Responses to News: Simpsons Safe

  1. Umm… Yay?

    To be fair, 25 is a pretty nice number. Stop at 25, guys. Take it, and run.

    • Seriously. If it goes on any longer, it’s just going to reaffirm peoples’ suspicions that Fox doesn’t think their Sunday night line-up would survive without it. (Of course, they may be right.)

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