Putting Down the Old Machine

So, I was going to start on an Indiana Jones viewing spree this week, gearing up to a review/defense of the fourth movie. Unfortunately, things have gotten just slightly derailed, as I have spontaneously found myself unable to play my copies of the first three films. My trusty old VCR has become rather less trusty, though no less old, and has become a tape-eater. Yes, I still have a VCR; or rather, I had one until this evening’s unfortunate occurrence. Though I’ve mostly moved on to DVDs, there are still a small number of films which I haven’t upgraded in my collection, not to mention the occasional instance where a VHS tape of a film was published but a DVD release is still pending. But with this old machine having decided it is more fun to eat tapes than play them, it is time to put it down, much like Old Yeller.

It was inevitable that it would happen sooner or later. There are kids in college who are younger than this machine. But it held up pretty well over the years; it’s outlasted two separate DVD players. Still, I would have liked for it to have held on a little while longer. It’s not like replacing a VCR is exactly easy nowadays, and I have to say there’s little reason for me to do so. But I haven’t managed to quite replace all of my few VHS movies with DVDs just yet; though I picked up the original unaltered Star Wars trilogy a few years back, I have yet to acquire the original Indiana Jones trilogy on DVD. So since I intend to watch all four in sequence to fully evaluate the fourth film, my write-up of Crystal Skull will have to wait until I’ve had the opportunity to plonk down a few dollars for the first three.

Darn it.

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8 Responses to Putting Down the Old Machine

  1. While I love Indy. And I’d love to read your Indy retrospective, I’ve gotta warn you buddy.

    It’s my job as a movie blogger and a friend to warn you off. Just stop at III man. Don’t watch IV. Just don’t do it.

  2. osagejake says:

    Hey I have a VCR you can use.

    • Thanks, Jake, I might take you up on that. Hopefully the tape-eater didn’t do too much damage to the actual tapes (I think they’ll be fine, just a little crinkling during the preview section.)

  3. Walter Farley says:

    AH…..the VCR. I have 6 of them at this time, and a nice betamax. 3 large boxes of beta movies. When you were lamenting the death of your VCR it saddens me. I love those things. Indeed, there are many titles on vhs not dvd, still more on beta and not vhs and dvd. still many others on laserdisc not vhs beta or dvd. Any good videophile such as yourself should always have a VCR on hand, or more than one. Was your recent loss a front load or the sturdy top load? Incidently, with over 1200 DVD’s I have accumulated, if you are looking for something for review, drop me a line. Great blog

    • It was a front-loader. Symphonic model 7100.

      Fortunately, I seldom encounter anything on VHS that I can’t get on DVD… except for the occasional old 80s special. But most of the time, if it’s on VHS but not DVD, finding the VHS isn’t exactly easy either. Still, it would be nice to have a VCR handy. It does prove useful once in a while.

    • Oh, and thanks for the offer to let me borrow movies. I may take you up on that some time if there’s something I really want to see.

  4. Walter Farley says:

    you bet, I’d send you a list, if i knew how

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