In Honor of Nigel Tufnel Day:

The greatest movie trailer ever made (sadly in less-than-great video quality):

And if, somehow, you don’t know why 11/11/11 is Nigel Tufnel Day:

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7 Responses to In Honor of Nigel Tufnel Day:

  1. That is an incredible trailer, isn’t it?

    Can you imagine a modern movie doing that? I mean, just not even showing the movie they’re advertising and doing a completely original unrelated comedy bit?

    Different times, man, different times.

  2. filmdrivel says:

    I hadn’t seen that trailer before, it’s hilarious!
    “you like the cheese i’ll throw that in… i’m still editing!”

  3. I saw McKean, Guest, and Shearer in concert a couple of years ago. In between sets, they’d show little films and this was one of them. Something they threw together apparently. I didn’t even know that they used it for the trailer!

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