News: Thor 2 Director-less Once More

The Thor sequel, which previously had Kenneth Branagh (the first film’s director) walk off due to scheduling conflicts, and then had Monster director Patty Jenkins attached, is once again lacking a director. Patty Jenkins has withdrawn from the project, reportedly due to “creative differences”, though she still wants to direct a superhero movie someday.

At this point, the project is starting to look like it’s not just director-less, but directionless. It’s supposed to land in theatres in November 2013, with filming to start this coming September. They’ve got time to get a director attached and get everything sorted out, but two changes in short order aren’t an encouraging sign.

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4 Responses to News: Thor 2 Director-less Once More

  1. Can still wind up a winner. Its not a good sign, but films have recovered from worse…

  2. Jersey says:

    Oh Jeez, it’s never good when messes like this happen. And I love Thor, so I’m kind of worried.

    Great Christmas template btw. I was wondering what those white crumbles sliding down my desktop were, then I realized… Love it!

    • Yeah, I’m hoping this is just a momentary hiccup, but it’s hard not to be a little concerned.

      And thanks; I can’t take credit for the “snowflakes”, though, that’s all WordPress. Any blogger can activate it on their blog by going to Settings –> General in their dashboard.

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