News: Universal Just Not That Into Hasbro

We’ve talked before about Hasbro’s plans to make movies out of every last toy property they have, no matter how ridiculous. They’ve been successful with Transformers at Paramount, and Universal is still producing the next G.I. Joe movie and the increasingly-silly-looking Battleship, but it’s starting to look as though Universal, at least, is perhaps no longer so enamored with the idea of trying to make viable movies out of board games and toys.

They’ve dropped Stretch Armstrong, which has since been picked up by Relativity Media, though it’s lost both its star (Taylor Lautner) and its director (Rob Letterman) in the process. Even less fortunate, being dropped but not (yet) picked up by any studio, are Monopoly, Magic: the Gathering, Ouija (as mentioned before back in October), and the new Clue.

Honestly, the only surprise here is that Stretch Armstrong is still alive as a project. None of these have sounded like great ideas — though Magic has had storylines worked into its game for years, none of them have been better than D-grade fantasy, and Hollywood doesn’t like to take chances on anything less than A-grade in that genre — and as I stated previously, they already did Clue as well as they possibly could. There’s nowhere for them to go there. All that said, this is a fun train wreck to watch, and any of these movies that get made are sure to be awesomely awful.

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5 Responses to News: Universal Just Not That Into Hasbro

  1. Bahhhh haa ha!!

    Good taste triumphs!

    Or at least sound fiscal sense… I care not which!! 😀

  2. I think a couple of years ago “Let’s make Battleship into a movie!” would have been a joke, and now it’s a few months out from theaters. THE AMERICAN DREAM.

    But I’m glad the trend is dying before it really gets started. I’m not sure I’m ready for Chutes and Ladders starring Vin Diesel.

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