The Focused Filmographer’s Avengers Initiative

With The Avengers coming out in theatres soon, Terrence Faulkner of The Focused Filmographer is running an Avengers Initiative blog-a-thon, featuring bloggers from various sites reviewing and discussing the movies that led up to the series: Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 1 and 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Thor. We’ll be looking at the roles different Avengers played in the films, how the films set up The Avengers, and what we expect from the characters in the film.

Fogs, of Fogs Movie Reviews leads us off with a look at Iron Man. Be sure to check it out. Also participating are Aidy of Aidy’s Reviews, Ruth and Ted S. of Flixchatter, Jaina from Time Well Spent, and Tajuana from TajGreeneMoviesInReview. You might recognize some of those names from the comments section here, but whether you know them from here, elsewhere, or not at all, be sure to check out their articles as they’re posted. I’m sure they’ll all be good reads. You can check out this page for the schedule of posts.

My own entry in the blog-a-thon will be going up Wednesday, May 2. I’ll be taking a look at the roles Loki and Hawkeye play in Thor, and how they’re set up for their parts in The Avengers. I hope you’ll head over there to see it when it goes up, and follow The Focused Filmographer for the entire blog-a-thon (and beyond! It’s a good site!) as we all get ourselves psyched up for The Avengers.

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14 Responses to The Focused Filmographer’s Avengers Initiative

  1. Thank you for being a part of The Avengers Week! Looking forward to this entire week! And thank you for the special post!

    Sweet banner by the way! πŸ˜‰

  2. sanclementejedi says:

    So are you going to be discussing Hawkeye’s costume selection? I am a bit concerned they did not go with his classic look, featuring purple pirate boots and a mask. Look forward to your write up. Hawkeye is my fav if you couldn’t tell.

    • You know, I didn’t. I should have — I’d actually been discussing that with a couple people a few days before I did the write-up — but somehow it slipped my mind when it came time to do it. To be honest, I can understand why they didn’t go with the classic look there; it would have a very big risk of looking goofy on screen.

      • sanclementejedi says:

        He best have a quiver full of high tech arrows or I am going to be doubly pissed lol

      • sanclementejedi says:

        yeah i am not sure about the redokulous factor, every other character is wearing something pretty close to what they would classically wear. well with the exception of nick fury but that a whole different argument lol

        • True, but most of their costumes aren’t quite as goofy to begin with. Hawkeye… well, it’s a visually nice design, but it looks like he just came out of a Renaissance Faire, and not as an archer either. It’s a very cluttered design, with elements that would get in the way of mobility, and the flared mask would essentially eliminate his peripheral vision — terrible for an archer (and not that good for any combatant).

          While the “Ultimates” version costume certainly lacks style, it’s more believable as something a modern-day archer would actually wear.

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  5. sanclementejedi says:

    Goofy ???? Thats blasphemy Morgan πŸ˜‰ Next thing you know your going to be saying you like the decision of Cap not having wings on the top of head.

    Did you happen to read that piece regarding Renner’s bow technique being highly suspect, and questioning his use of two arm guards? Supposedly that is a sure sign that someone does not know what they are doing. I guess his form is way off, from what would be considered optimal from a proficiancy stand point.

    • Ha ha ha… actually, I would have liked Cap having the wings. Cap makes it work, somehow.

      I haven’t read that piece, but I have read similar ones about comic book archers. Not being much of a bowman myself, I’m not really in a position to critique his form, but it’s pretty believable that he’d be off. It’s apparently something the entertainment industry gets wrong a lot, probably because they’re trying to look cool rather than be effective (similar to the sideways gun handling that’s so prevalent in Hollywood). With the arm guards, well, that’s part of the “style” of the character, but two shouldn’t be needed. Some people eschew the use of arm guards at all, as the bowstring shouldn’t be striking your arm if you’re doing everything right.

      • sanclementejedi says:

        Yeah I was hearing Renner needed them out of necessity as a poor draw and release will do a real number on your forearms.

        I sort of pictured you being proficient with a bow as well as katana and chinese throwing stars

        Just commented on your hawkeye and Loki write up as well…. nice job

        • Yup… if you goof up the release, the bowstring will strike your arm, which can sting a bit. Do it enough, and you can give yourself a real tender spot on your arm. Worse, if you really screw up, the fletching of the arrow can graze your arm and cut it (this generally requires nocking the arrow incorrectly to begin with).

          Ha ha ha… well, I know my way around a bow enough to be left alone using one. Just not well enough to really critique someone else or to not need a lot more practice. Never really used a katana, but I can handle a foil. Haven’t tried throwing stars. πŸ˜‰

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