News: Mark Ruffalo Signs 6-Movie Deal With Marvel

Mark Ruffalo, who stars as the Hulk in The Avengers, has signed a six-picture deal with Marvel Studios. If you had asked me previously whether Marvel would take advantage of the ensemble film to spin off another attempt at a Hulk movie — after the dubious successes of 2003’s Hulk starring Eric Bana and 2008’s The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton — I would have put it at even odds at best. Neither movie met with the degree of critical or commercial success that Marvel was looking for, and being on the third actor in a decade to play the character could reasonably be taken as a sign of weakness in the franchise. On the other hand, though, a successful launch of The Avengers could ignite and renew interest in any of the characters, whether it’s the ones with successful franchises such as Iron Man, the ones with no franchises at all such as Hawkeye, or the ones with unsuccessful franchises such as Hulk.

It appears that this will indeed be the case, with The Avengers already bringing in blockbuster numbers internationally (in a rarity for Hollywood productions, its U.S. release on May 5th comes after the release dates for many other countries). I don’t know exactly when Ruffalo signed his deal — it’s possible it’s only being revealed now but was signed earlier — but it’s pretty clear Marvel has every confidence in The Avengers priming its audience to see more of Ruffalo as Dr. Banner and more Hulk. After all, it’s not like they’re going to sign him for a six-picture deal and then just stick him in The Avengers Parts 2-7 and nothing else. A new Hulk movie would be a lock just from this news, but there is one more little tidbit: Paul Gitter of Marvel Entertainment has stated outright that they are looking for a big-budget Hulk feature to hit in 2015. I don’t know how good a job Ruffalo does as Banner — as noted, the movie isn’t out here quite yet — but I think the fact that Marvel is actually working on a long-term plan for the character can only be a good thing.

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11 Responses to News: Mark Ruffalo Signs 6-Movie Deal With Marvel

  1. Sam Fragoso says:

    After seeing the film tonight – I understand why Marvel signed Ruffalo (he was fantastic).

  2. S says:

    “Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”…because I turn into FER-RIG_NO !!! ; Lou Ferrigno that is. Apologies; for me Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno will forever embody the nonanimated Hulk character. However, I did watch Bana and Norton Hulk movies liking Bana’s acting better. As a fan of the character, I would be more than ready to revisit this especially hearing from Sam Fragoso that Ruffalo is “fantastic” as Avengers Hulk. Pumped for Avengers. Nice news post.

    • Ferrigno and Bixby were great, no doubt about that. I like Norton as an actor, but I can certainly see how someone would prefer Bana for the role; he certainly comes across more as the nerdy repressed scientist.

  3. Bubbawheat says:

    I’m guessing the breakdown will probably end up being something like 2 more Avengers movies, a new Hulk trilogy, and a minor role in a different hero’s movie.

  4. Jaina says:

    Echoing Sam’s thoughts – Mark was fantastic! I was, and probably still am, a big fan of Eric Bana’s Bruce Banner. He fit the role well. But Mark’s managed to just get to the core of Bruce a whole lot better. He’s more than just an angry man.

    I’d love to see more Hulk and more of Mark in this role. So maybe a stand alone Hulk, more Avengers and more of Hulk in another Avengers character film? Love to see more of him and Tony together.

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