Weekly Weblinks: Flight From Friday

Hello, everybody. It’s Saturday morning, and that means… I’m a day late with the Weekly Weblinks. Sorry. Those of you who follow me on Twitter knew of the delay in advance, of course, but for those who don’t (or missed it, or just want an explanation), there are a few simple reasons that came together to hold it back by a day. First, because I lost track of how fast October was going by, I wound up with a bit more Halloween Haunters content than I had days for in October. This meant that it wound up going on through November 2nd, which left Friday being a little bit busy between a large post and the round-up. Adding a third post for the Weekly Weblinks would have seemed a bit of a disservice to it. Plus, the fact that my posts for November 1 and 2 were fairly lengthy meant I had less time to spend reading other peoples’ blogs, and had to have the extra day to catch up.

The extra day would have been necessary anyway though thanks to a glitch in my email server. I follow most of the blogs I read by having the post notifications emailed to me — I can and do keep track on Twitter and Facebook, of course, but email is most helpful to me in keeping them organized. And for some nutty reason, the virus scanner on my mail server decided to hold on to absolutely everything and not let me see it for a few days. I’m still not entirely sure it’s released everything at this point. The end result is that I had quite a rush job on catching up on everything once I finally had it available. But things are finally straightened out, and I’ve selected some choice reviews from other bloggers — four of them for new films. There’s also some interesting news on the upcoming film front. Click through to find out what’s going on.

Blog Posts:

Ruth at FlixChatter takes a look at the ambitious Cloud Atlas, a film which already seems to be a bit polarizing.

Jessica at the Velvet Cafe has one of the first reviews of Skyfall that I’ve seen. In it, she talks about how she had become a bit jaded with the James Bond franchise, and how the newest entry affected her views.

Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s latest computer-rendered animation film, is out! Sam at Duke & the Movies gives his review here.

Denzel Washington stars in Flight, also out this week. Read Terrence’s review at the Focused Filmographer review to see if this is a return to form for Washington.

Nick at Another Plot Device, is having a “November to Remember” by watching 30 movies that all have astoundingly bad reputations. It started Thursday with Jack and Jill and goes on all month. Head on over and witness the poor man’s suffering.

News Blurbs:

Adam Sandler’s next film out of Happy Madison won’t be going to Sony, but will instead be at Paramount. The film? A comedy western titled The Ridiculous Six. The title obviously parodies The Magnificent Seven, so presumably the movie will as well.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has acquired a couple of dames, in the form of Jaime King and Jamie Chung, who have both signed on to the film, which is currently in production.

It’s official: Bryan Singer will direct X-Men: Days of Future Past, returning to the film franchise he started.

The villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has reportedly been chosen and may already be cast. Jamie Foxx is reportedly in talks to play Electro. It’s a change in race for the character, but it might work well, as the character’s physical appearance never mattered in the comics (you can barely see him under the costume), and Foxx is a very skilled actor. I could see him being very entertaining as a villain as hammy as Electro traditionally is.

Reportedly, USA’s Burn Notice (which resumes its sixth season on Thursday) is up for renewal for its seventh season, which is speculated to be a final season of 13 episodes. As much as I love the show, that’s probably about right — it hasn’t had a weak season yet, let it end on a high note.

According to Stan Lee, a Doctor Strange is on its way, and a Black Panther movie is in development. Lee also mentions The Inhumans and states that although the development of the films isn’t in his hands, sooner or later every Marvel hero will have a film.

A total of 21 animated films have been submitted for consideration for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. This means it is almost certain that the full five nominees will be selected (16 or more eligible films have to be submitted for there to be five nominees, and it is unlikely that more than five will be disqualified). Last year The Smurfs was disqualified (my speculation is that it’s because it was only semi-animated). All of the year’s big animated features, from The Lorax to Wreck-It Ralph and Rise of the Guardians have been submitted, as well as several lesser-known works, including French and Japanese animated features. Click the link for the full list.

Next week’s weblinks should be back to Friday again, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

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7 Responses to Weekly Weblinks: Flight From Friday

  1. le0pard13 says:

    I guess Bryan Singer returning to the X-Men series is a good thing. I’m still attempting to forgive him for doing ‘Superman Returns’ leaving Brett Ratner to ruin that series with the horrid X-Men: The Last Stand. Man, do I hate that one.

    Another fine list of links, Morgan. Thanks.

    • Yeah, the third X-Men film was a big drop in quality, all right. Didn’t help that the actor who played Cyclops went with Singer over to Superman Returns so he just gets unceremoniously written out.

      Of course, I’m one of the few who thinks that X2 wasn’t as good a film as the first one, so between that and the quality of Superman Returns, I’m not convinced the third film wouldn’t have sucked if Singer had directed it.

  2. Animated films is wide open this year. “Brave” isnt the mortal lock that most Pixar movies are…

    I’m sure Stan is right, eventually every Marvel character will wind up with a movie. LOL. “Shocking” to see Foxx chosen for Electro though. (De-dum-tum-tschhh)

    • Yeah, there’s definitely a pretty big selection for nominations this time around, even if we just look at US wide releases. I can’t remember a year in which there were so many high-profile animated films.

      And yeah… when they’re already waist-deep in work on Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man of all things, you know they’re going to make an attempt with every property they can. Gotta hand it to them, though; they’ve been successful for the most part.

      Foxx as Electro is definitely surprising. Still not official, of course, but usually by the time things are reported at this stage it’s pretty much a sure thing. Could be very interesting, though.

  3. Jessica says:

    Hey there! I just got home and found this. Thank you for the link love!

  4. Nice post! Great links and fantastic news!

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