Top 15 Franchises I’ve Overlooked

It’s always difficult, when talking about movies with people, to have an exact bead on what people have seen and what they haven’t. No matter how universal a film is, there’s always somebody who hasn’t seen it. And conversely, sometimes two people will have coincidentally seen the same super-obscure independent film. But with film franchises, it’s often easier to be on surer footing. It’s a popular brand, or there wouldn’t be so many, and therefore more people have seen at least one of the films, by definition. But it’s still possible to be the odd man out.

I’m used to being the odd man out on a lot of films, but I have to admit I’ve seen more eyebrows raised at certain franchises that have passed me by than on individual films. If one film is a big hit, it’s odd enough if I haven’t seen it; but if I haven’t seen any of a five film franchise, that strikes people as even stranger. And while I can talk Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Jason Bourne and several other franchises with the best of them, there are some definite gaps in my knowledge. So in the interest of just getting it out there, here’s a personal Top X list, with 15 franchises where I’ve either seen no films at all (with each franchise being at least a trilogy), or where I’ve seen just one film out of a franchise that spans five or more films. This way, if I’m quiet on discussion on a particular franchise, you now have an idea why.

#15: Twilight

Shocker of shockers, I’ve never seen a Twilight movie. IMDb tells me they’re up to five now, and that this is supposed to be the end of it. Well, OK. These teen-oriented vampire romance movies have been highly popular among their target audience, just as the books were, and are enough of a blockbuster success that Hollywood’s already trying to dig up the next equivalent.

This is one franchise where I’m pretty unlikely to “remedy” overlooking it. Vampire romances don’t appeal to me. To me, a vampire isn’t some lonely misunderstood beautiful creature, it’s a bloodsucking monster that wants to eat you. I’m not even knocking the franchise when I say that I have no interest in seeing it, not really; I’ll be fair, since I haven’t seen them. Maybe these are the greatest teen-oriented vampire-human-werewolf love triangle stories in the history of fiction. I don’t know. But I do know they’re not for me. They’re meant, almost exclusively, for teenage girls. I’m in my 30s and have a Y chromosome. So I’m going to continue to overlook this franchise, and that’s why it’s only #15.

#14: Underworld

From vampires and werewolves making love, we go to vampires and werewolves making war. This series started in 2003, and has had a new film released every three years thereafter. This is a franchise where what little I’ve seen from promotional material hasn’t impressed me much; it’s stylish, for sure, but it didn’t sound like it had anything else going for it. Still, it might be worth checking out simply for the action; stylish but brainless can be all right for a popcorn flick. I prefer popcorn flicks like Die Hard, where there’s a bit of substance and it’s high quality, but the other can be fun from time to time. And of course, I could always be misjudging it.

#13: Hannibal Lecter

Nope, never seen a film with Hannibal Lecter in it. And I’m fully aware of how critically acclaimed Silence of the Lambs is. So why is this only coming it at #13 for me? Because I’m also fully aware of how acclaimed the other Hannibal films aren’t. It sounds very much like a franchise where only one film is really worth spending time with — ironically the one with the least screen time for the franchise character.

I’ll watch Silence of the Lambs at some point, but Red Dragon, Hannibal, and Hannibal Rising are probably going to remain on the shelf at the video store.

#12: Saw

How many Saw films are there? I don’t know, I’ve honestly lost track at this point. And it rather seems like that’s the way of it even for fans of the series. It’s become the de facto franchise to joke about running too long — admittedly this is a condition that many horror film franchises fall prey to eventually. But even if people are questioning the need for a sixth Saw film, many of them still praise the original, which I haven’t seen yet. I can’t guarantee I’ll ever go seeking it out, but should it make itself available during my Halloween Haunters sessions some October, it’ll probably work its way in. (I have to admit I probably won’t be in the mood to watch it any other time of year, so it’ll be a while.)

#11: The Fast and the Furious

I’ll admit, I just brushed this franchise off initially. I figured it would probably be an OK action film, albeit one that’s pretty much all car chases instead of the more balanced blend other films in the genre provide. (And yes, I’m aware of the irony of calling an action film balanced, but everything’s relative.) I honestly would never have predicted it becoming a franchise, but here we are, with five films released in the series so far. Are they good? Is there a point to them beyond the first one? I honestly have no idea. I expect I’ll check out at least the first film eventually.

#10: Police Academy

Police Academy may be completely unremembered by younger generations, but it was big during the 1980s — six films came out during that decade, along with a seventh in 1994, and a cartoon series spin-off to boot. I saw bits and pieces of the first movie as a kid, but I never saw it in full, nor have I seen the other films. Reason being, I was a kid, and the first film was rated R (though the series gradually worked its way down to PG).

I’m fully aware of the fact that the films are probably stupid. But I can enjoy a stupid comedy once in a while (such as the Ernest movies).

#9: The Naked Gun

And from a bunch of dumb cops to a single dumb cop. The Naked Gun franchise, spinning out of the Police Squad! television series, is arguably the most successful television-to-film expansion next to Star Trek. It’s certainly a little hard to top getting a trilogy out of a series that only lasted six episodes. But I’ve never seen Lt. Frank Drebin in action, not on TV and not on film. My Leslie Nielsen experience, in fact, is limited to Airplane!. Obviously I’m not going to let that slide, and some time or another will be checking out the franchise, hopefully starting with the TV show even though I know it’s not essential.

#8: Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan’s had a lot of changes to his face over the years. He’s been played by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck, and next year he’s being played by Chris Pine. All pretty familiar faces, it must be said. But I haven’t seen any of the four current films (I think I can be forgiven for not having seen the fifth.) This action-genre CIA spy is still pretty popular, at least according to what Hollywood thinks, so I’m going to have to hunt down The Hunt For Red October one day soon.

Besides, I really want to see Sean Connery play a Russian. There’s no way that’s not hilarious.

#7: Planet of the Apes

This franchise almost verges on being three franchises. Several movies in the late 60s and 70s. A remake in 2001. A reboot in 2011. There’s a whole lot of monkeying going on. Tallying them all up, I believe there are 7 films, with an 8th on the way. And, despite knowing the twist ending, like everybody else on the planet of the filmgoers, I haven’t seen any of the films. Given that the first and the most recent have both received fairly high praise, that will be changing eventually. Whether I check out the intermediate films is another question.

#6: American Pie

This is another franchise that I just didn’t see coming. If anything ever looked like a one-and-done film, American Pie was it. But it’s now on its fourth film, and they’ve even tried to leverage the brand into something akin to National Lampoon with the “American Pie Presents” label. (From what I gather, that’s been less than successful, but hey. They’re trying.) Now, I’ll admit that teen sex comedies never really appealed to me much, even when I was a teenager. But there’s clearly something here that appeals to a lot of people, and that makes it probably worth checking out at some point. If only to stop the surprise when people realize I’ve never seen it.

#5: Universal Monsters & Hammer Horror

I wavered on whether to include these or not. They’re not exactly franchises in the usual sense, so much as they’re umbrellas for several smaller franchises. But given that I wind up talking about horror movies for a month solid every October, it has to be noted that it’s more than a little odd that I’ve never managed to see a monster movie from either of the most acclaimed runs. I’ve seen Gary Oldman as Dracula, but not Bela Lugosi or Christopher Lee. I’m not knocking Oldman’s performance, but there’s something a little wrong about that situation.

#4: Dirty Harry

I have actually seen Dirty Harry. I have not, however, seen Magnum Force, The Enforcer, Sudden Impact, or The Dead Pool. Considering I really enjoyed Dirty Harry, this raises the obvious question of why I’ve only seen the first of five. And the answer is that it’s curiously difficult to track down the others — or at least, to do so in order. I think I’ve seen The Dead Pool show up on television at least once a month since I’ve had satellite TV service, but I’ve yet to see Magnum Force turn up at all. It’s enough to make a punk feel unlucky.

#3: Rambo

I’ve been working my way through the Rocky films, which would have been on this list before I started blogging (well, other than the fact that this list wouldn’t exist back then. But you know what I mean.) And I’ve seen The Expendables, will be catching the second one eventually, and will probably watch the third when it comes out. But Stallone’s other big franchise is one I haven’t delved into yet. I know Rambo was a pretty big deal when the series first came out, spawning video games and even a cartoon, and I know the latest one was actually pretty well received. So there’s no question that I’ll be getting to these. The only question is whether I finish Rocky first or just view both series in parallel.

#2: James Bond

My lack of James Bond experience has been mentioned more than once in the past few weeks in discussions with other bloggers. In terms of sheer scope, it’s easily the biggest omission here. I’m not a complete novice when it comes to Bond, but it’s pretty close. I’ve seen GoldenEye, and I’ve seen the 1967 version of Casino Royale, which was a spoof with Peter Sellers and Woody Allen. Counting non-canonical films, I’ve seen two out of 25 films (26 if we include the “Casino Royale” episode of Climax!); that’s only 8%. Of course, if we just go by canonical films, it’s even worse, at one out of 23, or about 4%.

One of my hopes for next year is to remedy this lack completely. My intention is to track down and watch all of the James Bond films, in chronological order of release, and review them here (though not all in one big slew, mind you). This includes the films I’ve already seen, so I can properly see how they stack up for their time, and the non-canonical films as well. It’ll be a gradual thing, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it winds up taking more than one year, but hopefully I’ll get it started and finished before Bond #24 comes out.

#1: Harry Potter

It was a toss-up as to what order my top two would be in. In the end, I felt that this was arguably the more “surprising” of the two. I’ve seen the first Harry Potter movie, but I have missed the other seven. Considering it’s one of the biggest franchises in recent years, that would be bad enough… but what makes it really surprising to people is that I’m known for reading fantasy novels and enjoying fantasy films. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter novels. Started on them before the first movie ever came out. So it’s only to be expected that I would have seen all the movies as well. But I missed the second film for some reason, and kept not getting around to picking it up. Which of course meant that things just cascaded from there.

At some point, I’ll pick up the whole series, and then watch them. When, exactly, I’m not sure. But it’s something that I feel I ought to do, and it’s something I want to do.

And now, it’s your turn. I’ve shared my missed franchises, so fair’s fair. What movie series have you not seen, even though everybody thinks you should have? Let us know in the comments.

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46 Responses to Top 15 Franchises I’ve Overlooked

  1. Nostra says:

    There are a couple of these I haven’t seen either and I would add the Resident Evil series

  2. On the same boat w/ 14,12, and 11. There are a few you listed where I watched a few of the films in the series.

    That being said, the only must watch film on your list is the first “Planet of the Apes”

  3. Wow. Kudos to you for showing your hole cards like that. πŸ˜€ I prefer to keep the gaps in my filmography quiet! LOL

    Bond should outrank Potter. Potter’s a little punk. Bond would use the PPK to shut his magic wand waving ass up for good. πŸ˜€

    • Well, like I said, I did waffle some on how to rank #1 and #2… I think if I were going by just general scope and broad appeal, Bond would take it. But since I’m a fantasy reader, and have actually read the Harry Potter books — and haven’t, for example, read the James Bond books — it’s a little more surprising that I personally have seen so little of the Potter franchise.

  4. To be honest, there’s a few of these that are notable absences from my film knowledge, too, namely Rambo, Planet of the Apes and Dirty Harry. You’re not missing an awful lot with Twilight you’ll be shocked to hear.

    • I feel a bit like Peter in Office Space: “Well, I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing it, Bob….” Nah, no intention to check that franchise out, just figured it was big enough that I should note it in passing.

  5. Scophi says:

    I understand why you may be inclined to add the Twilight series to this list…if you haven’t ever seen one. But I think you can trust us when we say that none of them are worth watching. I am open to a wide variety of movie types and styles, but this one leaves me confused as to why it’s popular.

    The movies are literally about a whiny, depressed girl who can’t decide if she likes a vampire or a werewolf…for 5 long movies!!! No other plots or story arc…just self-obsessed, indecision. It’s one thing to develop a relationship (as a side story) in a movie that actually has substance. It’s quite another to base an entire franchise on a clinically-depressed teenager’s romantic notions of death and the macabre.

    Additionally, the films have a translucently shadowed pallor…almost as if the director wanted the films to disappear into the screen. The cast has a similar feel with Stewart and Pattinson continuously looking like recovering heroin addicts. To be honest, after the first hour of the film I was hoping that the werewolf would just eat them both and move on with his life.

    Compared to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, Twilight is an empty and overly-emotive story that leaves you wondering where today’s tweens and teens are headed. Twilight is definitely not a series that you can sink your teeth into.

    • Come on… tell us how you really feel, Scophi! πŸ˜€

      Yeah, Twilight‘s inclusion is simply on the basis that it’s so popular (albeit inexplicably so) that I felt I should at least acknowledge the fact that I haven’t seen any, even though I also have no intention of doing so. I mean, if I listed 15 franchises I’ve overlooked, and didn’t include Twilight, what would that imply? πŸ˜€

      • Scophi says:

        Ok, I went a little overboard. But it’s okay…I’m seeing a therapist about it and things are going well. πŸ™‚

        If it wasn’t on the list, to me it would imply that you didn’t overlook it, you simply don’t consider it worth listing. I don’t think anyone would believe that you’ve never heard of it. So exclusion would obviously have been intentional.

        I know it’s strange to be worked up over a set of films like this, but this one really irks me for some reason. The only other films that get me worked up like this are Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino movies. I won’t watch anything by either director.

        • Wow, don’t like Kubrick or Tarantino, huh? I’ve only seen a couple of Kubrick films, but I liked them both quite a bit, and while I don’t think Tarantino deserves anywhere near as much praise as he gets, I do enjoy his work.

        • Scophi says:

          Well, Kubrick is just weird. Personally I think 2001 could have been a lot better from a different director. I know that’s almost sacrilege in the film world (like admitting that I don’t like Led Zeppelin or the Eagles), but….well, there it is.

          Tarantino just has an attitude that I can’t tolerate and it comes across on the screen. All I can think of when I see his films is trash-talking, braggadocios, better-than-thou attitude.

          Ok…time to schedule another shrink visit for my anger issues. πŸ™‚

        • Kubrick can be weird, that’s true. I haven’t seen 2001 yet myself (the Kubricks I’ve seen are The Shining and Dr. Strangelove), but if you find Kubrick weird, well, that’s certainly a valid opinion.

          And Tarantino absolutely has a lot of bravado built into his film. I don’t think there’s any argument about that. A lot of people like it, I think that’s the main appeal of his work, but if it’s not your kind of thing, his work will definitely not be for you.

  6. The Twilight can be missed off, but you must see Hannibal Lector, naked gun and dirty harry πŸ˜€

    • I’ll definitely be checking out most of these series at some point (barring #15), and The Naked Gun, the rest of the Dirty Harry franchise and Silence of the Lambs are all shoo-ins at some point. Though I’ll probably skip any other Hannibal films.

      • The first is normally the best when it comes to film series πŸ˜€

        • Scophi says:

          True. Although I did think Aliens was better than Alien.

          Actually, there are a handful of notable sequels that were better…Shrek 2, Spider-man 2, Terminator 2, Dark Knight, X-Men 2, Toy Story 2…

          (This could be it’s own post/thread. A different thread would be remakes that are better than the original.)

        • That would make a good article! Somebody get on that or i’ll steel it πŸ˜€

        • “Superior sequels” is actually something I have penciled in for a Top X list at some point. πŸ™‚ Though I disagree about Shrek 2 and X-Men 2 (but I know I’m in the minority on the X-Men films, at least.)

        • Scophi says:

          Morgan, I understand about dissenting opinions. I didn’t like Empire Strikes Back or Wrath of Khan. But that’s what’s great about your site…the various viewpoints from you and your followers. If everyone agreed, there’d be nothing to write about.

        • Wow, didn’t like ESB… you are a maverick! πŸ˜€

        • Scophi says:

          Well, let me rephrase. ESB and Wrath of Khan weren’t bad, but they weren’t my favorites in the series, and honestly I can’t figure out why people like them so much.

          ESB: I wasn’t fond of the locations. I didn’t like Hoth or the cloud-city (Bespin?). I didn’t like Luke’s abandonment of his training. And honestly, the Vader-Skywalker fight was quite hokey…even for back then.

          Wrath of Khan, largely deemed to be the best Trek film (until 2010), is the least Trek-like of all. It’s basically a cat-n-mouse game that focuses very little on social or humanity issues. Not impressed. Despite the consensus, my favorite Trek is The Motion Picture (#1). Yes it was cheesy, but the story line was quintessential Roddenberry. What is sentience? What is humanity? Is there more to life than what we can physically experience?

          Well, I could go on for days, so I’ll stop here. My tendencies to disagree with consensus is too much for a comment post.

        • I haven’t seen Wrath yet, so I can’t evaluate that, but I have to say I’m not a big fan of the first Star Trek movie. It’s got the sci-fi high concept, all right, but the execution was very tedious.

        • Scophi says:


  7. Hmm… Notable franchises that I’ve missed… Aside from Twilight I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least some of the movies in all of the franchises you listed there, with the exception of the Saw movies. They just never really caught my attention, mainly because I’ve never been a huge fan of horror. My only caveat in that is the Hammer Horrors- they were a staple of my teen years because one of the networks down here used to play one late every friday or saturday night, and at the time they were the only horror movies I was interested in.

    The only other big franchise that comes to mind for me personally is the Friday the 13th series. I’ve seen the first one (The one without the normal main character) and just never saw the need for the rest…

    • I’m definitely more a fan of “monster movies” than of just straight-up slasher horror, so I can understand Saw not catching your attention; I’m kind of the same way there.

      Friday the 13th… I’ve seen the first two. The first one was good, the second, not so much. I figure I’ll probably watch the third, just so that I’ll have seen the main character in his most iconic look, but if it doesn’t pick back up in quality I can’t see going through with the whole series.

  8. This is a fantastic post. Each entry provoked a reaction as I read them. About halfway through I figured I should start typing them down. This has forced me to do a lot of scrolling up and down. Can’t be helped.

    My reactions as I read your list:

    #15) I wish I could unsee Twilight, but its good to have *some* experience with the material. That way you’re truly qualified to discuss how horrible it is. But you already know that, and have said that you have no problems judging the merit of a movie from its trailers. I get that point, but humbly disagree.

    #14) Liked the first one, but not enough to ever garner enough interest to actually watch another. In those early ‘aughties, we certainly had our pick of stylized fantasy violence, didn’t we?

    #13) I’ve seen Silence, Hannibal and Hannibal Rises. I hate all three. Silence should be watched by every movie buff, because its hard to have a discussion on suspense thrillers without it. I’ve argued myself blue over how overrated it is though.

    #12) Saw. There are seven of them, if my count is correct. 1 is amazing. 3 and 4 are good. 2 is passable. 5 through 7 are terrible showcases of mildly interesting torture porn. The first four at least entertain the idea of a story, with a villain who has an interesting motive and method. A fan of 70s/80s suspense/slasher horror should love the first, in my opinion.

    #11) I saw the first one in the theatre. If you can’t watch one in the theatre, don’t bother. They really are big screen, big sound, popcorn flicks that make you want to drive home rather unsafely.

    #10) I’ve never watched one from start to finish. I liked the cartoon as a kid, though.

    #9) Dude! Seriously! I’m pretty sure these are right up your alley. Also, since you say you haven’t seen him in anything but “Airplane!”, for a look at Neilson’s serious sci-fi side… Forbidden Planet. Classic stuff.

    #8) I think I’ve seen all these movies. I hated or fell asleep to most of them.

    #7) I’ve seen the first and the Burton. Pop Culture spoilers have ruined pretty much every Heston movie I’ve tried to watch. I don’t even remember the Burton, except that I left the theatre thinking, “Goddamn that was dumb.”

    #6) I’m surprisingly fond of these movies, and I’ve seen all the theatrical releases. I’ve only caught bits and pieces of the spinoffs, though. I think the ship has probably sailed on them being worth watching, though. I’ve found it surprisingly difficult to relate to teen dramadies (even from our era) if I didn’t watch them at the time.

    #5) This is another case of “Never all the way through”. So many bits and pieces, but I’ve never felt the need to actually watch a whole movie.

    #4) I hate 70s action movies. The pacing back then was horrible. I’ve seen all 5 at one point or another. I don’t remember them at all.

    #3) The first two Rambo movies were, for me, a case of “Don’t tell your mother.” My uncle rented them and we watched them while Mom was at Bingo, when I was probably too young to be watching them. I’ve watched them since… they didn’t hold up to the memory.

    #2) Bond hasn’t ever really interested me that much. I’ve seen several of the good ones, and a couple of the bad. Goldeneye and Goldfinger were the only ones that really stood out as excellent. I haven’t watched Craig’s yet, so I can’t comment there. I’m basically uninterested in it as a series.

    #1) This was a situation where I fought against the media when this stuff exploded. I’ve discovered in recent years that pretty much every time that’s happened, I’ve caused myself to miss out on something amazing. We own the books now. Mel’s making her way through them, slowly. I’ll probably start in on them when she’s done the fifth or sixth book. Then we’ll likely watch the movies as I finish a book.

    TLDR: I know some of those series, and have watched them. Others I didn’t. You should watch one or two of most of them. Particularly Naked Gun.

    • Great response, Spike. On Twilight… if I’m forced to watch, I’ll watch, but otherwise probably not. I’ll definitely check out The Naked Gun at some point, and Forbidden Planet is on my watchlist as well.

      I actually like 70s action movies, but I can definitely see the argument about the pacing. They’re certainly paced differently than action films of later decades.

      With Bond, it’s likely to be something that will appeal to me. But even if it’s not spectacular, it’s just such a pop-culture phenomena I should be a bit better grounded in it.

      I hear you on the Harry Potter hype. I try to avoid that myself, but even as I was reading the books, I started to get annoyed at just how much love people piled on them. They’re great, sure. But there are a lot of other great fantasy novels as well, a great many of which are superior.

  9. S says:

    I’m with you Morgan on Twilight – glad someone enjoyed and I know I won’t.

    On franchises mentioned you might enjoy – I’d just like to highlight some films.
    My general feeling is the first is the best choice; the first movie in each series.
    For Rambo, it’s First Blood. For Underworld, I enjoyed the first Underworld. In Bond, Dr No. of course but use any best of list on this like Fogs’ recent ranking (btw the ’67 CRoyale was a joke and not considered a true Bond by purists). Sudden Impact is another good Eastwood Dirty Harry. Hunt for Red October (& yeah, Connery rocks as a Russian) is the best Jack Ryan in my book, but the’re all pretty decent anytime. Potter is entertaining but not as strong as Bond if want to catch up with one franchise (seconding FMR’s general thoughts). As an aside, Rocky franchise seems to get better with age like fine wine.

    Good luck with your pursuit of franchises. Fun post. πŸ˜‰

    • S says:

      Oh yeah – Silence of The Lambs IS in a different leage than its children, however Manhunter circa 1986 is a decent film about the Red Dragon directed by Michael Mann if the SOTL peaks your interest.

    • Thank you, S. In general, I figure the first one is usually the best, at least when it’s a series that isn’t planned as a series from the start. There are exceptions, but they do seem to be few and far between.

      I know the 1967 Casino Royale was a joke. Knew it going into it, but even if I hadn’t, it would have been pretty obvious. That’s why I give the different counts for canon/non-canon above. That said, when I do my watch of all the Bond films, I will be including it simply so I can see the spoof in the proper context of the time it was made.

  10. ruth says:

    There are at least five of these franchises I haven’t seen and not really interested in and some of them I’ve only seen the first one and that was enough. As you know I’m a Bond fan and that’s definitely one lucrative franchise that’ll be around for a long while πŸ™‚

    • I suspect there are a few of these franchises (besides the obvious at #15) where once I’ve crossed off the first film I won’t be interested in the rest. But that’s how it goes with a lot of things. And yes, it seems like Bond is definitely going nowhere; pretty amazing how they’ve managed to turn that into, essentially, a mega-franchise.

  11. Great post. We share #14 (only seen 1), 13 (one), 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 (none out of those 5), 7 (just 2), 6, 5, 4, 3 (none out of those 4). I’ve seen only 4 “canonical” Bond films (the last 4) and all of the HP movies (which I can’t believe you haven’t). I think my most glaring omission would be Star Wars. Haven’t seen any of those. Not the original trilogy, anyway. I saw the latest 3.

  12. Bubbawheat says:

    As far as the Naked Gun franchise, I would definitely check out the TV series. Doesn’t have to be before seeing the movies, but definitely at some point. I enjoyed the episodes I watched more than the actual movies. I’m also right there with you on about half of the list (Rambo, Bond, Dirty Harry (though I owned the NES game Dirty Harry), Jack Ryan, F&F, Hannibal) and if you listen to my podcast, I can also add the surprising franchises: The Terminator, Rocky, Alien (only seen Aliens & AvP out of the 7? movies), and Godfather.

    • Terminator I’ve seen all but Salvation, which I don’t really care about. Rocky, I’ve seen the first three. Alien… well, I’ve seen the first; I don’t count AvP, though.

      Fogs will tell you you need to see the Godfather. πŸ˜€

  13. Eric says:

    Good stuff here, Morgan. There are a few of these I’m not familiar with either (Jack Ryan, Universal, Rambo). The only one I have seen all the way through is the Saw series, and honestly you could just stop after the first one and call it good.

    I have only seen three Bond films myself, and the only one that really impressed me was the new Casino Royale. Still gotta catch Skyfall.

  14. 15, 14 and 1 are the only one on your list that I’ve seen. The others… Meh.

    But I have another shocker: Lord of the Rings. I’ve had many people try to get me to watch them, but… I repeat. Meh.

    • It’s a big one to have skipped, but if fantasy isn’t your thing, or if you just don’t like long movies, I can understand that.

      • You know what? I don’t know why I don’t like. I haven’t read the books, so I have nothing to negatively compare it to, and I LOVE fantasy. There’s just something about LoTR that seems to bore me. πŸ˜›

        (Damn trees that talk soooo sloooowly certainly don’t help the situation! ;))

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