Christmas and End of Year 2012 Plans

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be tossing up the holiday decorations just yet; I’m a firm believer in making Christmas celebrations wait until it’s at least actually December. But since I find myself a little light on content today — that Movie Alphabet took about four times as long to complete as I’d anticipated — I thought this might be a good time to say a few words about my blogging plans for the Christmas season and for the end of the year. After all, I did a post with my plans for the Halloween season, it only makes a certain degree of sense to say a few words here.

Now, since I did a roundup for the Halloween movies, I’ll do one here for 2011’s Christmas Cinema selections as well. Other than the Favorite Films review of Christmas Vacation (check it out if you weren’t here last year), there were 8 Christmas Cinema films reviewed. Here’s the simple breakdown:

5 Gifts
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

4 Gifts
A Christmas Carol (1971)

3 Gifts
Deck the Halls
Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice

2 Gifts
A Christmas Carol (1949) (Version vs. Version review)

1 Gift
A Christmas Too Many
Jingle All the Way

All in all, a pretty even distribution. But, admittedly, kind of sparse, especially compared to the Halloween season. Now, there are a couple reasons for that. First is that I was simply a little less prolific at that time, and also because there are only three weeks in December before Christmas, while Halloween gets the full month. But also, things don’t have to be Halloween-specific to be thrown into the Halloween Haunters — they just have to be horror and/or monster related — while things do have to be Christmas-related to be Christmas Cinema. And while there are certainly a great many Christmas films out there, most of them are titled something like “A Grandpa For Christmas” or “A Girlfriend For Christmas” or something else like that. If it looks like a candidate for the Lifetime Movie of the Week, I’m probably not going to check it out. That said, there are certainly a lot of Christmas films I still need to see.

The other consideration is that last year, much like last year’s Halloween season, I also watched other things. That’s still going to be the case this year. I’d still like to get in more films released this year to have a more rounded selection of 2012’s films to choose from when I pick my year’s favorite and least favorite films. But I can’t exactly fit all of those in during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so some of them are going to have to be in the early part of the month — granted I’m still probably going to miss out on some simply due to the difficulties in getting to them all (Christmas season: not good for having spare cash for rentals.)

Still, I’m going to try to make sure that every film reviewed between now and December 25 (not counting this month’s Favorite Films post, which I need to hurry up and finish) serves some specific goal or another. Films released in 2012 (major or independent) and Christmas films will be taking priority; films that are on my need-to-see list and have a limited window of opportunity (i.e., expiring from Hulu this month) are next. After that, everything else. I don’t have as many things lined up yet as I did for October, so I’m sure to be winging it. In fact, the only things I know will be included for certain are a 2012 (non-holiday) animated film, a direct-to-video sequel to a Christmas classic (I expect it’ll be awful, but I have to know), and one Favorite Films review (it’s possible there may be more than one, time and opportunity permitting.) I’d like to see Rise of the Guardians to see a film that fills both the “top priority” checkboxes, but I’m a little doubtful I’ll get to it. There will also be a few Top X lists for the season as well.

Beyond that, I’m winging it. Much like the holiday itself, it’ll be a season of surprises. Hopefully more of them are like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Elf than A Christmas Too Many.

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8 Responses to Christmas and End of Year 2012 Plans

  1. Only a 1 for Jingle all the Way? Sacrilege! 🙂

  2. “I’m a firm believer in making Christmas celebrations wait until it’s at least actually December.”

    HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH!! Glad I’m not the only one.

  3. Eric says:

    Sounds like a fun month ahead. There are some essential Christmas films I still need to see, too. I’ve got The Nightmare Before Christmas lined up for my project, and maybe I’ll finally get around to seeing White Christmas and the entirety of A Christmas Story. Despite those 24-hour marathons, somehow I have still avoided seeing that movie all the way through. 😀

    • It took me a while to catch A Christmas Story in full as well. It’s well worth it though, absolute classic. A Nightmare Before Christmas is decent, but it’s nowhere near the be-all end-all that some people hype it up as. I still need to see White Christmas as well.

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