News Bites: Sunday, Smith, and Spider-Man

There wasn’t much news that I had noticed come Friday, so I posted a review instead; however, some stuff has come in during the last few days that’s of interest, so here’s a Sunday edition of the news bites.

Dane Dehaan, who played the unstable telekinetic Andrew in Chronicle, has been cast as Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

In more Amazing Spider-Man news, Jamie Foxx has confirmed the rumors that he will be playing the villain Electro.

Kevin Smith has been talking retirement from directing for a while. For a time, it looked like Hit Somebody would be his last film, but with it switching to a miniseries, Smith has said on Twitter he’s now considering a different “final film”: Clerks 3. While I can appreciate the bookend nature that would add to his career, I wonder if a third film is really necessary to the franchise — for that matter, while I liked the second, it wasn’t exactly necessary either. And what’s with these relatively young directors talking about bowing out early? Tarantino has been making similar noises lately.

Christoph Waltz has dropped out of the Muppets sequel due to a scheduling conflict; Ty Burrell is replacing him in the role as an inspector.

Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four has been scheduled for March 6, 2015. Josh Trank is directing, no casting decisions have been released.

Linda Woolverton, who wrote the screenplay for the Tim Burton-directed Alice in Wonderland, is at work writing a sequel for Disney. So far she is the only person attached to the project. She is also the writer on Maleficent, Disney’s live-action Sleeping Beauty film starring Angelina Jolie.

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7 Responses to News Bites: Sunday, Smith, and Spider-Man

  1. Clerks 2 was merely “okay,” so the prospect of another sequel doesn’t overwhelm me, either. Smith might be considering retiring simply because his most recent films have been critical and financial failures.

    I wonder if the Fantastic Four reboot (and the rebooted Spider-Man, for that matter) will be considered in the same universe as The Avengers. Obviously, I want to see a big-screen F4/Avengers team-up, but I’d settle for seeing a Reed vs. Tony smart guy showdown.

    • You might be right about Smith. He’s been on one massive losing streak lately, and he hasn’t exactly handled it well. “My films aren’t for movie critics, they’re for movie fans!” Methinks somebody has misunderstood the fundamental nature of film critics…

      It would be nice if the F4 reboot were in the same universe as the Avengers, and Spidey as well, but while I don’t see them coming out and specifically saying it isn’t, I doubt they’re going to say it is, either. F4 and Spidey are still at Fox, not Marvel Studios itself, so as long as that’s the case they’re probably not going to want to be too cooperative about setting up any cross-company franchises. An F4/Spidey team-up is theoretically possible though.

  2. Jaina says:

    Alexis Denisof for Mr. Fantastic please!!! Man can act and he looks the part. Chris Evans was the best bit of casting from the first set of FF films, so it’ll be a shame he won’t be able to carry on.

    Wonder how this will slot into the Marvel ‘verse.

    • I could see Denisof as Reed Richards. That could work, definitely. I don’t agree Evans was the best casting from the original FF though… he was good, but I really liked Michael Chiklis as the Thing; one of the few times my “pick” for a character wound up being cast (the other being Downey as Iron Man).

      This probably won’t slot into the Marvel ‘verse at all, unfortunately. As I was telling Alex above, FF is still under Fox, just like Spider-Man. So there’s not likely to be any crossover with the other Marvel properties — though an FF/Spider-Man crossover is always a possibility (and would be appropriate to the comics.)

  3. sati says:

    I really don’t understand what is up will all of those great directors wanting to retire either. I really hope even if they will do that they will miss the film making process and return.

    • Tarantino has said he doesn’t think directors do their best work when they’re older… which makes me wonder who he’s looking at, because frankly I don’t see that. Smith… as Alex suggests above, it may simply be disgruntlement over the negative reception of his last few films.

  4. Nice post. Love the Spider-Man casting news.

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