News Bites: How I Met Your Muppet

I’m still fighting this infection, but I’m feeling a bit better, and at any rate, I’m not going to let that stop me from posting the weekly dose of interesting movie and TV news. Of course, this morning I’m also having to cross over half the damned state to get my driver’s license renewed, which thanks to Oregon DMV’s idiotic policies means I need to go to Portland to get a copy of my birth certificate as proof of U.S. citizenship — the numbskulls only accept tribal IDs if they’re from in-state tribes. Apparently the 560 other federally recognized tribes don’t count in their opinion. So I may not be able to respond for a bit while I go chase down paperwork. Still, here’s the news:

Who’s next on the Marvel movie docket? Ant-Man has been in the planning stages for several years, but is supposedly coming close to fruition. He’s not the only one, though. Doctor Strange is also confirmed to be in the works.

Deadline reports that the 3D re-releases of Star Wars episodes II and III have been canceled. (Deadline throws in some possibly-spurious assertions that this is because of the focus on the new films, which they also refer to as a “reboot” because Deadline has a bad habit of using that term when it doesn’t apply.)

How I Met Your Mother has been renewed by CBS for a 9th and final season. The writers have promised the mother in question will finally be revealed.

20th Century Fox has picked up the film rights to the Dark Horse comic Mind MGMT, by Matt Kindt, about a secret government agency of psychics. Ridley Scott is set to be the producer of the film.

The new Muppet movie has a release date, March 21 2014, and a title: The Muppets… Again! Not the greatest of titles, in my opinion, but that doesn’t really reflect on the film itself in this case.

There is going to be a World of Warcraft movie, and it will be directed by Duncan Jones, director of Source Code and Moon. Filming is expected to begin this fall. Will it still hold true to the general rule of “video game movies suck” when it’s one of the most popular games in the world? Probably.

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15 Responses to News Bites: How I Met Your Muppet

  1. Saw a one minute clip of test footage of the Ant Man concept at Comic-Con. I would have never thought he was “Bad Ass”, but if they can carry that through an entire film, Ant Man is going to surprise a ton of people.

    Surprised they’re going with Strange and Gaurdians though… you’d think there are more viable candidates, no?

    • If Ant Man is remotely bad-ass, I think everybody is going to be surprised.

      Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty odd, but I guess they want to really stretch the brand. Dr. Strange makes a lot of sense to me, personally. He’s a fairly big Marvel hero, and really, who’s bigger (not “as big”, bigger) that hasn’t already been given a film? And he fills a bit of a different niche than some of the others.

  2. S says:

    I can’t believe the colorful muppets ensemble is settling for “The Muppets…Again” title. That doesn’t really inspire extra confidence in the product of the film. Hope they rethink that one.
    Glad you’re on the mend. 😉

  3. Jaina says:

    The new Muppet film just fills me with dread. I should be excited. But there’s no Jason Segel. Christoph Waltz is out because he’s busy. And we’ve got fricking Ricky Gervais? Meh.

    • I’m OK with no Segel… I think if he returned it’d probably feel too much like “more of Gary’s story” rather than being Muppet-centric. I don’t really know what to think about Ricky Gervais, I’ve never actually watched anything with him in it.

  4. All very interesting news (expect for the WoW movie, haha). Really looking forward to finding out who the mother is in HIMYM. Muppets should be fun.

  5. Bring on the Sorcerer Supreme !!! Say I didn’t know you were Native American.

  6. ruth says:

    I’m not a gamer so I don’t know anything about World of Warcraft, but w/ Duncan Jones at the helm, I’m quite intrigued.

    • I have trouble believing, given that prior video game movies have almost always been terrible (and at best have been mediocre), that one based on a game where each player is supposed to be leading their own adventure is somehow going to improve. Just seems doubtful to me.

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