News Bites: Bonaparte and Birdman

Manny Eating Paste

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  1. One of the dilemmas I sometimes face when putting together the News Bites is deciding what to do with rumors. A lot of times, they’re simply vague enough or minor enough that I don’t mind ignoring them. And I certainly don’t want to put them on the same level as confirmed news. But every so often, something turns up that’s both too big to ignore, and yet too wild to believe or that lacks any sort of official source.

    So, meet Manny. You all have known somebody like Manny. Manny was the kid in elementary school who swore there was a version of the Soundwave Transformers figure that actually played cassettes. In junior high, he insisted there was a Lando Calrissian solo movie, but that it didn’t do well and is really hard to find. And in high school, he was the guy whose neighbor had a third cousin who totally overheard plans for an Independence Day sequel called Labor Day. But he was also the kid who said George Lucas was working on prequels to Star Wars. The advent of the internet has only increased Manny’s tendency to spin stories, and just once in a while, there’s a kernel of truth in them. So if I come across a piece of alleged news that’s both big and wild, and I can’t find a proper attribution, I’m assuming it’s coming from Manny. Most of the time I expect it not to pan out, but even a blind dog sniffs out a rabbit now and then.

    To see what Manny’s saying, check out the latest edition of the News Bites.

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