Where I’m At

You may have noticed there have been a couple days I’ve missed updating on lately. Wednesday and Thursday were because my internet connection wasn’t working, Saturday was less of “a mere inconvenience” and more “argh argh ouch”. As I mentioned last Sunday, I have a broken tooth that hasn’t been yanked out yet. The antibiotics were supposed to take the infection level down to a point where I wouldn’t be feeling pain, but apparently they weren’t strong enough. And I’m becoming tolerant to the Vicodin (yes, after a single week; my system adapts fast.) So there have been times when it’s been a little hard to focus on watching a movie, or writing a review of one. And with my sleep disrupted, I’m not always sure just when I’ll be awake; if I can sleep, I’ve generally been doing so.

I’m hoping to get the dentists at the Indian Health Center to yank the bad tooth out Tuesday. We’ll see. I’m aware, though, that when it does finally get taken out, I’m probably still going to be in a fair amount of pain initially (or fogbound with whatever new pain med they give me, assuming it works properly). So there will probably still be a period after that when I’m not at full capacity, but at least I should hopefully be healing, which isn’t going to happen otherwise.

So in the meantime, things are going to be on a sporadic schedule here. I’m going to try to remember to do the MMV and News Bites regardless (though I’m not sure yet if I’ll manage this week’s MMV before I zonk out again). But movie reviews are going to be dependent on when I have a block of time when I don’t have the toothache preventing me from enjoying things. So things might be light on content here for a while. Nothing you all couldn’t figure out by seeing the lack of posts, but I figured I’d give an explanation.

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10 Responses to Where I’m At

  1. You already update more frequently than most bloggers. Take a break and feel better! 🙂

  2. le0pard13 says:

    I hope you feel better, and soon. Take care, Morgan

    • Thanks. Hopefully they’ll just yank it out Tuesday and won’t have any more reasons to delay. Like I said, I know the recovery period won’t be fun, but at least I’d be recovering rather than periodically treating symptoms.

  3. Hope they take that pesky teeth out and you feel better soon, Morgan!

  4. ckckred says:

    Hope you get better soon.

  5. Jaina says:

    Good time to take a break. Look after yourself, Morgan!

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