News Bites: Crouching and Crossing

News Bites LogoFriday means two things: the weekend is almost here, and the weekly News Bites are here. This week’s a little on the light side (after a few heavy weeks), although there’s some TV schedule news I’m holding in reserve until I can sort through it all. What’s left is curiously mostly sequel and reboot news — but then, that’s not all that unusual. So to see what’s going on this week, keep reading.

Kiefer Sutherland is going back to playing Jack Bauer for a limited series: 24: Live Another Day. The series will run for 12 episodes representing 24 hours (reportedly still maintaining the real-time premise, which raises some obvious questions). It will air on FOX during the summer of 2014.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in talks to star in a remake of campy cult classic The Toxic Avenger; although he will be in “a lead role”, he will not be playing the title role. There is no part of this news that doesn’t have me laughing.

Last week, Warner Brothers declared their intention to create a new Dungeons and Dragons movie. This week, Hasbro is saying “not so fast”. WB’s prospective film is coming through a partnership with Sweetpea Entertainment, who held the license for the previous films. But Hasbro is suing Sweetpea, claiming that the rights have since reverted back to them (as the company which owns the game). Hasbro reportedly was trying to get Universal to pick up the movie reboot when the Warner Brothers news broke. I obviously don’t know the specifics of the contract, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the final result was Sweetpea getting squeezed out while WB and Hasbro come to an agreement based on their mutual love of money.

Scarlett Johansson is the latest actor to turn director. She’s working on an adaptation of Summer Crossing, a Truman Capote novel that would have been his first had he not initially discarded it (it was later salvaged after Capote’s death and published with his editor’s blessing). The story is about a romance between a debutante and a Jewish parking attendant in the summer of 1945.

Aaron Foley may be stillborn. CBS has declined to pick up the pilot for the Beverly Hills Cop TV series focusing on Axel’s son. Producers are exploring other options.

The “CTHD” sequel — now titled Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: The Green Destiny is still moving forward. The good news for fans of the original? Ronny Yu (Freddy vs. Jason) is no longer set to direct. Instead, it’s Woo-ping Yuen, fight choreographer from the original film and director of Drunken Master. Also good news is that Michelle Yeoh is confirmed to be returning.

Rumors and Speculation:

If you were among the few who watched Dredd and were hoping for a sequel, your hopes aren’t quite baseless. Star Karl Urban says he’s been talking with Alex Garland (who wrote and produced the film), and that due to strong Blu-Ray sales a sequel isn’t out of the question.

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7 Responses to News Bites: Crouching and Crossing

  1. ckckred says:

    The idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Toxic Avenger is pretty funny. It was a good idea for CBS to reject the Beverly Hills Cop pilot, I doubt it would work. Nice post.

  2. le0pard13 says:

    That’s wonderful news for the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel (the replacement director and Michelle Yeoh). At one time I was a big Jack Bauer fan. Now, not so much. Thought they wanted to do a movie?

  3. There’s just about 0% chance that I dont wind up pretending the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon sequel doesnt exist. There’s no possible way that it matches the beauty of the original.

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