MMV: You Wreck Me

MMVWith some songs being selected for specific reasons, and others being selected by a random number generator, I’ve been a little curious as to how long it would take for an artist to get a second entry in the Monday Music Videos. As it turns out, just a little over three months, as week 14 brings the second appearance of Tom Petty in the MMV. Fourteen weeks isn’t all that much, considering, but at least Petty was the second ever entry, so he’s waited for his second turn longer than any of the others save the Buggles, who — as a one hit wonder — aren’t exactly likely to repeat.

Besides, who can object to more Tom Petty?

The video for “You Wreck Me” is fairly simple, being primarily a performance video with a few framing effects. It’s nice enough, but it’s not surprising that it didn’t garner any nominations for the Video Music Awards, nor find itself on any all-time greatest lists. It did, however, come in at #74 for MTV’s Top 100 countdown of 1994 likely on the strength of the song itself.

The second single from Wildflowers, “You Wreck Me” is a fun, catchy tune, and is at least a candidate for my personal favorite out of the 15-track album. The single didn’t chart on the Billboard Hot 100, but it made it up to #2 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, as well as #8 on RPM Magazine’s chart for Canada. It also made it to #101 on the UK singles chart; I guess Tom Petty just isn’t as big over there.

Wildflowers, released in 1994, was officially Tom Petty’s second solo album, with the first one being 1989’s Full Moon Fever. Although it’s officially a solo album, and Petty and producer Rick Rubin wanted the freedom to choose different musicians, they mostly opted not to do so — most tracks on the album feature the regular members of the Heartbreakers, except for former drummer Stan Lynch, who had left immediately prior. Lynch was replaced on all but one track by Steve Ferrone, who would go on to become an official member of the band. The album would go triple platinum, peaking at #8 on the U.S. sales charts, and was eventually named the number 12 album of the 1990s by Rolling Stone magazine.

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2 Responses to MMV: You Wreck Me

  1. Love this album, it may be my favorite of all Petty albums. Not a weak track to be found.

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