MMV: I’m So Excited

MMVToday the Monday Music Video was selected by another spin of the old roulette wheel, and it landed right on a dance video for a dance song. While I have to admit it’s not a song I ever would have sought out on my own, it’s a catchy song, and I certainly remember hearing a lot of it in the mid-80s. Are you excited? The Pointer Sisters are excited.

What is interesting about this song and video is the longevity of its popularity. “I’m So Excited” was first released in 1982. It had significant, if not excellent, success on the music charts, peaking at #28 on the Billboard dance music chart, #30 on the Hot 100, and #46 on the R&B chart. It was also featured in the film Summer Lovers and the original release of National Lampoon’s Vacation (though it would be replaced in a re-release).

Normally that would be about all there was to it. But “I’m So Excited” was remixed and re-released two years later. This version was more successful, making it to #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, and making it onto the year-end chart at #76. The music video was created for the remix and released at the same time, and it had its own degree of acclaim. It would earn a nomination for Best Short Form Video at the Grammy Awards — in 1986.

Think about that for a second. Two years after the video came out — and four years after the original version of the song — it gets a Grammy nomination. And it’s not like the Grammys had just started the format and decided to pick anything from within the past few years, either; the Short Form Video award had been around since 1983. I’m not sure what exactly prompted the Grammys to nominate a video that should have been ineligible by that time, but whatever the reason, it’s a testament to the song’s staying power.

(EDIT: I have since been informed that it was the So Excited video compilation that received a nomination.)

Also a testament is the tip of the hat it received in 2001 from the RIAA and the National Endowment for the Arts. The two organizations, partnering for a “Songs of the Century” project, named 365 songs to represent America’s cultural and musical heritage from the 1900s. “I’m So Excited” was #264.

We can probably guess how the Pointer Sisters felt about that.

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8 Responses to MMV: I’m So Excited

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Love this song! Such energy and downright sexiness, you can’t sit still for this one. Great one to highlight, Morgan.

  2. trevaellen says:

    Most importantly, it was immortalized in “Saved by the Bell”:

  3. Nice makes me feel like I am at a wedding

  4. John says:

    Hey — the “I’m So Excited” video wasn’t nominated for a Grammy. It was the Pointer Sisters’ video compilation, “So Excited,” that got the nod.

    Sorry to kind of mess up your article.

    • Thanks for the correction, John, and don’t worry about “messing up” the article — being wrong is a bigger mess up. I can’t find where I picked up the erroneous information now, but it’s just one of the hazards of doing research when the definitive source is quiet (the Grammys official web page lists only winners, not nominees.)

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