Halloween Haunters 2013

Pumpkin2013Things have taken a sharp turn away from summer here in Oregon, and if it’s fall, that can only mean it’s time for the Halloween Haunters to once again dominate Morgan on Media. Horror movies. Monster movies. Movies set at Halloween. They’re all in play, and it’s unlikely that anything else will be seen until kids are done trick or treating and jack o’lanterns have been turned into pies. The blog’s been made over in black and orange once again, and there’s a brand new banner sitting up top for the month. I’ve created a slightly new pumpkin icon for the ratings, and the MMV and News Bites logos have been made over for Halloween as well.

It’s going to be a busy month. Here’s a hint of what’s in store.

Planning for this year’s Halloween Haunters actually began when I finally cut off last year’s Halloween Haunters a little ways into November. There are some films that have been sitting in my Hulu queue, thankfully with long-delayed or non-existent expiration dates, for nearly a year. Those films are going to come out to play, along with some films I’ve borrowed and some I’ve been given, and several more that have turned up on the streaming sites. In fact, unless some of those spontaneously expire (which is always possible, given that I’m writing this before the turn of the month), I’m not going to be “winging it” at all this year. Everything will be something that has been pre-selected.

That doesn’t mean it’ll all be good of course. I don’t know for certain what will turn out to be a good choice and what will be a bad choice… though I’ve got suspicions in a few cases. But there’s a range of possibilities. There are a few series sequels included in the mix, and a whole lot of films which are either the starts of series or which stand alone. There are some classic horror titles, and there are some which are of rather lesser renown — streaming sites willing, we may even see the best worst movie show up. There are slasher movies, monster movies, even a couple monster-themed kid’s movies. We don’t have Michael Myers, but we’ve got a substitute. And we’ll have at least one film from Stephen King, and possibly more. Halloween Haunters is covering the gamut of offerings once again.

This applies to the time frame as well. A lot the films are from the 1980s, as is pretty typical for both this site and for horror films in general, but there’s newer and older stuff as well. How new? How about 2013? I plan to take a trip into town for the first ever theatrical Halloween Haunter experience, and there’s another 2013 horror film that’s currently streaming (again, assuming it doesn’t leave DishAnywhere overnight.) How old? Well, yesterday we had a Halloween preview with The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the film that led Universal to start their line of monster movies… and we’ll also be taking a look at the first actual Universal Monsters film. There’s a span of 88 years in this year’s selections.

Lon Chaney Sr. is in that film, but who else will we be seeing? Well, this being a month of horror, there are bound to be a lot of films with unknown names, but there are also some significant stars, both within the genre and without. We’ve got Bruce Campbell. We’ve got Cassandra Peterson. We’ve got Richard Boone. We’ve got Robert Englund. We’ve got Howie Mandel (why do we have Howie Mandel?) And, of course, we’ve got Vincent Price.

All this, plus at least one Top 10 list and a Favorite Films selection. Plus, a few of the month’s Catching the Classics features at Fogs’ Movie Reviews will also be dedicated to horror classics.

Now, you might be wondering, considering I don’t even have room to wing it with my selections, do I actually have room in October for all of these films? And the answer is… no, I probably don’t. At least, not if I keep things to one post a day. To that extent, I will be winging how I handle the review posts. It’s possible that I’ll be doubling up on some days, with a non-review post and a review post going up the same day. It’s also possible — very possible — that Halloween will overrun into November like it did last year. We’ll see how it goes.

But for now… it’s finally time to get started. If you’re new to Halloween Haunters, click here to check out the offerings from years past. Today we’re keeping things light with this announcement post and a Monday Music Video, so in a few minutes we’ll all be watching Rockwell lose his little mind. And tune in tomorrow to watch Cary Elwes have a very bad day.

Halloween Haunters 2013 has begun!

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