End of Year 2013

Well, it’s December 1st, time to get started with the end of the year plans. I’m running just a bit behind this year, largely due to my unplanned intermission in November. I had meant to review more of 2013’s films during that period, and did not get around to them. I had also meant to create this year’s Christmas blog banner before now. Hasn’t quite happened yet; hopefully soon.

At any rate, you know more-or-less what to expect for the month. Non-news days will mostly be filled with reviews of either Christmas movies, or movies from 2013 as I try to bolster up my possible choices for my “Best of the Year” pick. I’ve yet to give a film from 2013 five stars, so here’s hoping I come up with something soon — though unfortunately I’m not sure I’ll get to any of the four that I want to see that’ll be in theatres this month (Thor 2, Hobbit 2, Catching Fire and Frozen). But we’ll see what transpires.

I still need to check exactly what will be available to me as far as Christmas movies go, but I think there’s a good chance I won’t have to go off-plan on any days by picking a non-new non-Christmas movie. Well, except for two days that are already accounted for due to a different calendarial concern.

Anyways, the first Christmas review of the year should be up tomorrow, with a film I’ve waited a very long time to see. Decorating the blog for the season hopefully should follow soon after.

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