Year Four Ending and Pumpkins Impending

Big Blue 4Time flies. It’s been four years since I posted my first review here. In that time I’ve reviewed over 500 movies, and written a couple hundred more posts on top of that. As always, I want to thank everybody who reads along and especially those who comment on my posts. You guys are what makes this fun; without you, I’m just shouting out into the void.

Granted, years 3 and 4 were a bit quiet around here. Family issues, side projects, and a recalcitrant internet connection have enforced the occasional hiatus. I’ve only reviewed 34 films this year. It used to be I’d be close to that at the end of a single month. But although I’d like to eliminate the extended silences, I have to admit I like the more relaxed pace of a few days a week instead of updating every day the way I once did. It gives me a little more time to let a film settle in my mind.

So as year four ends, what does year five hold? Well, I don’t have any huge plans, but I’ve got a few ideas. I do hope to work a few Favorite Films reviews back into the rotation — they may be a lot of work but they’re also a lot of fun and usually get a good response. Same with the occasional Top X list. There will of course be a further continuation of my chronological look at James Bond — I may not be ready to watch Spectre, but perhaps with a little luck I can get caught up by the time #25 comes out. And I’m thinking I’ll probably swing back and do a Movie Microscope review of Star Trek: The Motion Picture some time in November, so that the site’s record of the original crew movies really is complete. Who knows, maybe a second viewing will change my mind on it.

Also, Paramount had a brief — very brief, to the point where I’m not totally sure it wasn’t a mistake — giveaway of digital copies of the first four Mission: Impossible films a month back or so. I grabbed ’em, so at some point I’ll be doing something I hadn’t really expected and giving the franchise a second chance. I was one of those who really disliked the ending of the first film, so I’ll be taking a Movie Microscope look at whether it holds up despite that. That’s not the only block of themed reviews that may be in the pipeline, though. Remember Bat-Month back in July 2012? Don’t be surprised if the theatrical release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Mecharazor Evangelion 3999 is met on this site with the arrival of Super-Month.

Creeper Jack-o-LanternBut all that is at least a few weeks into the future. Right here and now, it’s time for the site to go dark… and I don’t mean it’s going on hiatus again. That’s right, it’s time once again for the Halloween Haunters. Thanks to the Haul of Dubious Quality, I have a surfeit of horror films to get to this year. It would be a little tight even if I were posting daily reviews, but if I’m going to keep this relaxed three-per-week schedule, there’s only one way to get to them all and still throw in a few wild cards and the annual traditions of Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street. It has to start now. As in, this very week. Yes, it’s not even halfway through September yet, but so what? Halloween decorations are already in stores. Dinosaur Dracula has been in Halloween mode since August 31. If anything, I’m late by internet standards. (There may be a slight bump in the schedule next week because I’ll be helping my brother with an antique fair, but hopefully I’ll be able to finesse things to make sure everything updates on time.)

This year the slate is almost entirely picked out already, minus just a few spots — assuming everything from the Haul plays properly. I fully expect most of it to be downright terrible, but that’s part of the fun with the Halloween Haunters. And there are some modern classics on the docket as well. Expect zombies, haunted houses, a gruesome pukka, and a bit of Tim Burton. And expect some D-grade knockoffs as well.

It all starts this Friday with a refugee from an insane asylum… and that’s the protagonist. Morgan on Media’s fifth annual Halloween Haunters season has begun.

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4 Responses to Year Four Ending and Pumpkins Impending

  1. le0pard13 says:

    Looking forward to it, Morgan. And congratulations. 🙂

  2. 70srichard says:

    Milestones are to be celebrated and cause for reflection. Looking forward to the next 500 reviews. We should get some SPECTRE project together for all the Bond fans as well. Congratulations.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m a little disappointed that I’m still so early into the Bond series at this point. It’s amazing how hard such a big franchise can be to track down (the darned thing is never available for rental on any digital service). But though I won’t be caught up for SPECTRE hopefully I’ll get there in time for the one after. I’ve actually got DVDs of Quantum of Solace and Skyfall already, I just need to track down #7-21…

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