The Last House on the Left (2009)

Last House 2009 PosterI’m going to keep this one short, because there’s just not much for me to say here. This is a remake of a Wes Craven film, this time directed by Dennis Iliadis, with the plot and scenes apparently roughly paralleling the original (which I haven’t seen and probably won’t after this). A pair of teenage girls are kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and one of them is killed while the other is left for dead. Their attackers, injured from a car crash, take up refuge in the house of a couple who — unbeknownst to the attackers — are the parents of the surviving girl. Revenge-killing ensues.

Although it’s not poorly done as a film, I found myself impatiently waiting for it to be over. It can be divided into four acts, none of which hold up well. There’s the lead-in, which is dull; the assault, which is repulsive and dwells on itself too much; the lead-in to the revenge, which aims for suspense but is instead just boring again; and the revenge itself, which could have been mildly interesting but by this point the film had already entirely lost me.

I’m giving this an additional star because the quality of the acting and directing is passable enough that for the right audience, maybe the film could be OK. But I don’t know who that audience is.

Rating: 2 Pumpkins

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3 Responses to The Last House on the Left (2009)

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  2. The Vern says:

    The remake in my opinion is better then the original even though Wes Craven directed that version. The OG version caused a lot of controversy but it was a little bit too cheesy

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