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Farewell, 2012!

It’s December 31, which means that 2012 has come to a close. Despite a few different choices for the apocalypse, the world did not end — or if it did, nobody noticed. Every indication is that the world will continue … Continue reading

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Christmas Cinema 2012 Roundup

It’s Christmas morning, and if you’re anything like me, you’re not at your computer right now. In fact, I don’t plan to check in at all today, except perhaps late in the evening. And I have no particular plans regarding … Continue reading

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Christmas and End of Year 2012 Plans

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be tossing up the holiday decorations just yet; I’m a firm believer in making Christmas celebrations wait until it’s at least actually December. But since I find myself a little light on content today … Continue reading

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Halloween Haunters 2012 Roundup

Halloween on Morgan on Media may have run on into All Saints Day and All Souls Day, but it’s finally time for it to come to a close. After all, we need to have some sort of return to normalcy … Continue reading

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Halloween Haunters 2012

Leaves are turning colors and falling, kids are picking out costumes, and stores are putting up their Christmas decorations. It must be October, and there are two things I can look forward to during this month: walls of fog and … Continue reading

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One Year Down

A solitary candle may seem just a little bit lackluster on a cake, but it still feels like quite an accomplishment. One year ago today, I posted my first review, for The Adjustment Bureau, on Morgan on Media. I started … Continue reading

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