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Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Another year has come to a close, so it’s time once again to take a look back at that year on the blog. Just like everybody else in the blogging community. 2013, I’ll admit, was a bit of a rough … Continue reading

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Christmas Cinema 2013 Roundup

Merry Christmas, everybody! It’s December 25th, and that means that I’m not likely to be online until late this evening — and most of you probably won’t be reading anything on the blog until late at night or tomorrow either. … Continue reading

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End of Year 2013

Well, it’s December 1st, time to get started with the end of the year plans. I’m running just a bit behind this year, largely due to my unplanned intermission in November. I had meant to review more of 2013’s films … Continue reading

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Halloween Haunters 2013 Roundup

It’s November 2nd, and the last straggling Halloween Haunter meandered in yesterday (one of my “Catching the Classics” articles at Fogs’ Movie Reviews). It’s finally time to close the door on this year’s month-long horror-thon. I’m taking things easy here … Continue reading

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Halloween Haunters 2013

Things have taken a sharp turn away from summer here in Oregon, and if it’s fall, that can only mean it’s time for the Halloween Haunters to once again dominate Morgan on Media. Horror movies. Monster movies. Movies set at … Continue reading

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Two Years In

Things on Morgan on Media are going to be a little out of order this week for various reasons. Most pertinently to today, the Monday Music Video — despite the column’s title — is going to have to wait til … Continue reading

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Awards Season 2013

The 2013 film awards season is now officially underway. The Golden Globe nominations were out a few weeks ago, with the ceremony tonight, and this past week the Academy Awards, the largest awards ceremony (at least as far as public … Continue reading

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