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Oscarama Stats: Ratings

For today, another simple look at the statistics of the Oscars. This time around, I’m looking at the MPAA ratings assigned to the movies — just to see what sort of films get nominated for Best Picture, in terms of … Continue reading

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Oscarama Stats: Release Month

I remember back when 2008’s Oscar nominees were announced, and I was a regular visitor to a few different comic book forums. There was, of course, a lot of discussion on whether or not The Dark Knight should have been … Continue reading

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Oscarama Stats: Questions of Content

Scattered throughout Oscarama I’ll be posting a few interesting statistics on the Academy Awards’ Best Picture category. (Well, I find them interesting anyway.) We often find ourselves making comments to the effect that “movies of type X never get nominated”, … Continue reading

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Delaware Hates Movies

For reasons I’m not entirely clear on, I was curious about the distribution of movie theatres in the United States. Looking around on other blogs, and discussing movies with all of you, it’s pretty obvious that ticket prices vary pretty … Continue reading

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